Ái Lan (full name: Công Tằng Tôn Nữ Ái Lan) was born in Hue Vietnam and studied at Hue University of Fine Arts. Although considered by many as an accomplished artist, she continues her studies and training even today and  has participated in many exhibitions in home and abroad

Singapore auction in 2016

Singapore Private Exhibition 2008

Exhibition in Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, USA ( 2007 – 2014 )

International Women Artist Exhibition in Korea, USA, Vietnam ( 2006/2008/2020)

USA Group Exhibitions ( 2011 – 2017 )


Most Innovative Artist of the Year Award by the Saigon Fine Arts Association, in two consecutive years 2006 and 2007.


The image of the girl in the painting seems realistic, but it’s not necessarily derived from any real model or form. It’s simply a symbol representing the common beauty of an Oriental woman sitting in a light-suffused environment, submerged in the twilight of the sub-consciousness, unable to distinguish between real and oneiric states of mind while contemplating a multiple aspects of life, with a wistful desire to achieve peace and tranquility.

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